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    13 OCTOBER 2022
    Image by

    Digital Resurrection. Transcending in the afterlife through AI. A three dimensional conversation with Maria Gudjohnsen.

    Creating a virtual version of oneself opens up endless possibilities and opportunities for exploring new worlds and experiences. It allows creators to explore limitless ideas and concepts giving full space to imagination without fear of consequences.

    The Icelandic New York based Maria Gudjohnsen is a New Media Artist and 3D generalist experimenting with different mediums to explore the potentials of reality and virtuality. Passionate about portraiture, the artist’s works shine a new light on self portraits with Maria depicting herself in imaginary realms and realties inspired by her own interpretation of the future, sci-fi and computer graphics.

    We touch based with Maria on the concept of Digital Resurecction often described as o "virtual immortality", in other words, the hypothetical concept of storing or transferring a person's personality in digital substrate, i.e., a computer, robot or cyberspace mind uploading. The result might look like an avatar behaving, reacting, and thinking like a person on the basis of that person's digital archive. In the coming future, this avatar could remain static or continue to learn and self-improve autonomously in a digital afterlife.

    Maria virtually joined us for a  video interview on her 3D masterpieces and exclusively revealed to RED-EYE her upcoming 3D animated movie on Digital Resurecction.

    Maria Gudjohnsen x Self-Portrait
    Digital Resurrection - Co-Created via Midjourney
    Digital Resurrection - AI Co-Created with Maria G. via Midjourney